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subsurface Drainage pipe filter
subsurface drainage pipe filter never clog acid mine drainage
Drainage Protector Anti roots

       It is possible for our farmers, who are faced with salinity due to high water table, decrease in productivity, late turning of the soil, plant roots left without oxygen due to excess water, late planting and late harvest, to get rid of these problems in a single season by draining the excess water.


          The drainage pipes to be used for this job should be planned with a good filter selection according to the type of soil and most importantly, this job should be done with the right equipment. 


      As a result of this application, which has a high initial investment cost and requires laborious workmanship and attention, the drainage pipes placed under the surface are expected to drain efficiently for a long time, as if it were the first day. However, this costly investment, which is made by using excavators, shovels and manual excavations in inappropriate ways, is put at risk, and the expenses in this field often lose their efficiency within 2 to 15 years and need to be redone. 

          The founder of our company has developed an innovative concept with research and designs in this field, which pipe manufacturers and construction equipment manufacturers around the world cannot deal with due to their workload, starting with the design of a system against clogging that can work for a lifetime and preventing the decrease in efficiency, and comprehensively manufacturing trencher drainage ditch excavation machines. It is a company that has worked on the production and design of all equipment related to this business and is the first company in the world that is knowledgeable and experienced at every stage of service. The process that drainage pipe manufacturers generally guarantee is related to the underground strength and soil load of the pipes. They do not deal with the efficiency and application of these pipes. While machine manufacturers also deal with the laser placement of pipes underground at the desired slope in the same area, they do not have any commitment regarding the type of pipes and the decrease in efficiency due to their clogging. However, the farmers who invest have a demand such as not draining the same area again in order for this cost to be productive for a long time. 

              Our company is the technology leader in the world with its patented product against pipe clogging, from project design to implementation, which offers the best service to farmers in this field and can comprehensively offer the world's drainage work. 



The works that can be done with the Trencher Channel Opening and Trenchless Pipe Laying Machine are as follows;

  • Laying sand gravel drainage pipe on agricultural lands,

  • Laying fibrous, fiberless plain drainage pipes or other drainage pipes with the Hidroluis concept,

  • It is a type of machine that can be used in many projects such as drinking water transmission lines, irrigation pipes and electrical cables.

In tunnel and pipe laying contracting works with Micro Tunnel Machine;

  • Micro Tunnel uses both the hammering method pipe jacking technology in excavations and the excavation capsule produces pipes without hammering the pipes and the produced pipe is laid immediately, thus opening less costly excavations and lines in the tunnel. As the owner of this technology, it has become the first in the world as a leader in this field. This new technology has been patented by our company and it reduces the costs of steel and concrete pipes by producing pipes at normal SN values within the channel, while laying pipes of all diameters over 200 meters without the longest exit.

  • It has an advantageous price compared to other micro tunnel linings and allows the desired pressure pipes to be laid again.

  • Work is done by tilting and directing using laser and GPS technology. 

  • Mirko tunnel has a 30% price advantage over competing products. Pipes of all diameters, RES project cables can be laid.

  Your projects are implemented quickly, on time and with the most precision, creating a cost advantage.

Get a price quote before starting your project.

Hydroluis Drenaj Boru Sistemi 28 ay sonra

Geo-Textile Manhole Example After the First 4 Months

Geo-Tekstil Menhol Örneği ilk 28 Ay Sonra

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Drainage Types and Systems

  • Agricultural Drainage

  • Canal Irrigation and Drainage

  • Field Drainage systems

  • Surface drainage

  • Subsurface Drainage

  • Mole Drainage

  • Bio-Drainage

  • Regional Bio-Drainage

Drainage Issues

  • Waterlogging and Soil Salinity

  • Conjunctive use of Surface and Groundwater

  • Drainage and Water Quality

  • Environmental & Economic Benefits of Drainage

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Management of Drainage Water

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage

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